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People say life is the thing, but I prefer reading*

Can you beat this?

A couple of Mondays ago my fiance got out of bed earlier than usual (7am being earlier than usual!) to go and have a shave before work (he's fairly hairy y'see), and the bulb in the bathroom blew. You're probably thinking 'So what? Put a new one in and off you go', but I'm afraid it wasn't that simple, dear reader...

There are two spotlights in our tiny, thimble-sized bathroom and the bulb in one of them had gone a couple of months before this. Although we'd changed the bulb it still wasn't working and we'd never gotten round to fixing it. This turned out to be our first mistake.

So when the OTHER bulb went, it turned into the Worst Ever Start To A Working Day, EVER.

Fiance got out the stepladder and clambered up (in the dark) to the offending light fitting. After much grunting and swearing he finally got the old bulb out of the fitting, and handed it to me, saying that he'd never seen a light bulb like that before. I hadn't either, the main reason being that he had managed to get the bulb part out, leaving the screw part still in the fitting. After another (prolonged) bout of swearing he concluded that he was unable to remove the screw from the fitting without a) Equipment and b) Light. By this time we were both running late (despite being up EARLIER THAN USUAL!) and couldn't afford any more faffing around. So I brought through a table lamp, and set it up at the bathroom door, to allow my beloved to shave his beard. Unfortunately, it didn't end here: after running a full sink of hot water and getting out his shaving stuff, Fiance realised that he had no shaving foam left.......... Not a sausage.

He is a grumpy get before 10am anyway, but my fiance was just unable to compute such a run of bad luck, and wandered off to work, hairy and in a state of shock...
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At 27.2.06, Blogger Campbell said...

what an unfortunate turn of events! good to see this can happen to other people....    

At 29.1.07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.    

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