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People say life is the thing, but I prefer reading*

Karma? Please?

I know all my recent posts have been quite negative, but unfortunately today's is too... After a really nice day yesterday (it was my birthday), my mum and I had to endure a particularly unpleasant incident today, that made me sick to my stomach.

We were in WH Smith in the Gyle shopping centre and were chatting on our way to the checkout, when a man in his 50's, who should have known better, barged right in between us to get ahead in the queue. He didn't have the decency to apologise or say excuse me, so I made a sarcastic comment (as I generally do when confronted by bad manners, one of my pet hates), along the lines of 'oh please, after YOU'. Maybe in retrospect I shouldn't have, but if he's going to barge in front of me, without at least saying excuse me, then I think I'm perfectly within my rights to voice an opinion about it.

Anyway, although he didn't hear me, his fat and ugly wife did, and said to me in her best snippy tone 'Excuse me but he is coming to join ME in the queue'. I retorted that that was fair enough, but that he could have said excuse me after he barged right in between my mother and I. She then proceeded to tell her husband in a loud voice exactly what I had said, what she had said in reply, and huffing and blowing about me giving her husband dirty looks. I ignored her, and that was the end of it, as far as I was concerned.

After I paid for my purchase we went to leave the shop, but unfortunately we had to pass The Twits on our way out. Mr Twit was a big man, he had a load of shopping, and the aisle was relatively narrow, so we had to squeeze past him on our way out. Normally my mum (who is, by the way, a polite well-mannered person) would have said 'excuse me' or something to that effect but in view of the way he and Fat Ugly Wife had behaved she didn't, she just walked past. As soon as she brushed past him he immediately (as if he were prepared for it) WHACKED MY MOTHER WITH HIS SHOPPING BAGS. He actually HIT HER.

There followed a horrible scene where he screamed at my mother (who I'm glad to say stood up for herself), pointing his finger in our faces and screaming abuse at us in front of the whole shop.

Afterwards my mum was left with a big red mark where this neanderthal's knuckles had caught her arm.

If the big bullying twat doesn't get struck down by haemorroids the size and shape of Wales all is not right with the Universe.

I have never been so angry in all my life.
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