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People say life is the thing, but I prefer reading*

Weekend overview

I don't really know what to write about today. I'm torn between:

1) the film I saw on Saturday night;
2) the blessed end to the World Cup and consequent return to normal of my life and TV viewing habits;
3) the nightmarish journey into work I had this morning (thanks to Edinburgh Council and their extensive program of working on every road between my house and office) or;
4) the HUGE MOTH that invaded my house yesterday.

I'll leave #1 for now - I'll post that another time (and by another time I mean never). In the meantime, here's a review from the BBC. Suffice to say that I LOVE JOHNNY DEPP with the fire of a thousand suns, and by god I wish Keira Knightley would stop pouting.

On #2 all I will say is: Thank f*** that's over.

#3 is kind of self-explanatory. Ardmillan Terrace is closed, so Slateford Road is an effing nightmare during rush hour just now. At least they do seem to be working on it though - there are actual WORKMEN there, doing things with pneumatic drills and steam-rollers. There is also much work going on to replace water pipes in the Old Town (where I work), so that's real fun as well.

#4 I find quite difficult to talk about without shuddering so bear with me.


I have a pathological fear of moths because of a moth-related incident when I was little, which was furthered by a similar incident a couple of years ago in my last office (which was in a very old part of Edinburgh's Old Town).

I saw something brown on the carpet in my spare room on Sunday. Now, being the owner of two cats brown things on the carpet are to be expected occasionally, so I bent down to investigate. At that moment the brown thing which I had taken to be a piece of cat poop, opened its WINGS (it had wings!) and FLEW AWAY.

#checks for moths on person#

I FREAKED out of course, and attempted to drag my poor fiance from the shower to come and deal with The Moth, for that's what it was. A particularly fat, hairy moth the size of a light aircraft. It was at least an inch from nose to tail (I don't know if moths have noses or tails but you know what I mean), and had a good two inch wingspan.

Anyway Fiance refused to get out of the shower to get rid of a bug, and I spent the next 10 minutes hovering in the hallway, too scared to walk past the door to the spare room in case it should choose that moment to fly out of the room and into my hair, nose or mouth.
Fiance eventually captured The Moth after much searching in vain (all the while casting me doubtful looks that plainly said 'if the damn moth was as big as you say I'd have found it by now'). Thankfully I was able to leave the house and get away from it's evil glare for a while, but it wasn't captured until 11pm last night - it appeared from its lair and attempted to smash its way out of the window like a scene from the lesser known Hitchcock horror movie, The Moths.

I'm a nervous wreck.

#shudder shudder shudder#
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