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Being Neighbourly

We got a nice visit from the wee old man across the road last night. He lives directly opposite us, and occasionally has some trouble reversing his car out of his drive. When we moved in, one of the first things he said to us was to ask if we had a big car. Fiance, a little taken aback, told him he has a Renault Clio. Mr Neighbour was very relieved to hear this as the man who lived in our house before us DID have a big car, and Mr Neighbour always found it difficult to get his car out of his drive because of it. It would have had to be pretty big to stop him getting out of his drive on the other side of the street though - maybe it was a Hummer.

So it wasn't much of a surprise when Mr Neighbour came to the door last night to tell us that he was on his way out for dinner but that he'd 'had a wee bump' with the Boy's car. I think he must've got a bit of a fright as he was all red in the face, and he looked really embarrassed and a bit shaken. He's very nice, but he's in his mid-70's at least (therefore approaching the age where he should probably be thinking about giving up driving) and it takes him about half an hour to back his car out of his garage, up the drive, and out onto the street.

Anyway, Fiance went out to investigate and discovered a caved-in passenger door, and the trim-thingy hanging off. So it was quite a bit more than 'a wee bump'. But Fiance told Mr Neighbour to go out and enjoy his dinner, and not to worry about it. The boy thinks he'll need a whole new door.

In other news, I'm guest-blogger over at Drama Queen's Palace today.

Hopefully her readers won't tear me to pieces... Not straightaway anyway.

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At 9.2.07, Blogger SpanishGoth said...

Cor - what is it with you lot and cars? First Zoe & Q monster Marianne's car, then DQ's BF gets her car squished by a tram and now you too. Must be catching - glad my cars still down in Spain.

I didn't "rag" you on DQ's site - I was first to open the applause.....

ps get the Boy to have the chassis checked - may look like it's only the door but could have creased the chassis.    

At 9.2.07, Blogger Teeny said...

I saw your lovely comment Goth, I thank you.

I'll tell him to get his chassis checked (sounds painful). I'm so glad I get the bus!    

At 9.2.07, Blogger SpanishGoth said...

It's not painful just plain bloody dangerous. If you imagine the underneath of a car like a biscuit tin, ie all in one piece. Then if you tap one side hard enough a ripple spreads across the surface and it cannot really be straightened. Result is that it weakens the cars impact strength and you will go through tyres in half the time as the car begins to 'crab' ie the rear wheel is not in a direct line with the front.

Evil-X had a "small bump" years ago. As soon as I arrived to "fix" the situation the first thing I said was "It's a write-off" and when the garage looked at it properly, they agreed.

Better to be safe than sorry.    

At 9.2.07, Blogger Drama Queen said...

This happened to N who we went to uni with. She had her Dad’s car and reversed into a bollard. Anyway, it looked like all she had done was smash a light, we were quick relieved and took it to the garage for a new one. But it turned out she’d upset the chassis beyong repair and it was written off.

I have it on good authority, though, that’s its only if you hit the weakest points of the chassis, ie the corners that it caves. . .the door should withstand.


At 9.2.07, Blogger Teeny said...

The Boy was taking it into the garage today to make sure it's safe to drive - it's a fair old dent so neighbour must've gave it a good whack. Hopefully it's not caused any unseen damage.    

At 9.2.07, Blogger Drama Queen said...

“quick relieved”



I love my complete lack of proof reading. . .    

At 9.2.07, Blogger Cat said...

I am glad I don't have a car when I read stuff like this. Colleague K has been in and out of the garage with his every day this week and it is STILL making funny noises. He calls it The Money-Pit!    

At 9.2.07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nightmare! Sounds potentially like it could be quite expensive. Poor wee guy though!

Luckily I've never had a major accident, but I did manage to have someone reverse into me once, and it was my fault, but that's another story!

Hope it's not the chassis!

Do you live in the narrowest road in Edinburgh? Surely not, unless you live in my street...    

At 10.2.07, Blogger Calamity Jane said...

Your fiance sounds like a very nice young chap in the way he handled the, err, mishap. Made me feel all warm and fuzzy reading that.    

At 10.2.07, Blogger Teeny said...

Cat - me too! You don't have to worry about this stuff when you take the bus...

Petifilous - how on earth can someone reversing into you be YOUR fault?!

Calam - thanks! I'll tell him. He's no bad ;o] Thanks for visiting.    

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