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People say life is the thing, but I prefer reading*

Mixed Bag

I've had a busy few days. I'm pooped and it's Monday tomorrow... Gah!

We went to the kilt shop yesterday for the Boy to try some stuff on. He tried on what will probably be the outfit he'll end up wearing on our wedding day and he looked so handsome, I couldn't stop grinning at him. My image of the wedding is much clearer now - I can really picture it all coming together on the day. I'm hoping this means my eye will stop twitching now.

And poor old Scotland, getting bumped into bottom place of the 6 Nations... It was an exciting afternoon, but I was glad I wasn't Irish - there must've been some sweaty palms/brows/buttcheeks over there. I really don't think we deserved to be bottom, but of course I'm biased. We may have got the wooden spoon, but I stumbled across a nekkit picture of Sean Lamont (beware, there is an actual naked picture here, don't click if you're at work) completely by accident.* I suppose I'll just have to make do.

I've been tagged by Cat and because I have no problem with being a lazy blogger I will be posting my answers tomorrow...

In other news, the Big Book of Blogging is out. I'm not in it, but that's no reason not to buy it - it is for a good cause after all. I ordered mine on Friday, you can too by clicking here.

*Ok not COMPLETELY by accident.


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At 19.3.07, Blogger Drama Queen said...

Oh my. Did you see that man's thighs?

*fans herself with her paperwork*    

At 19.3.07, Blogger SpanishGoth said...

I say - is this the bag full of humiliating knickers? *laughs so hard he falls off the floor*    

At 19.3.07, Blogger Teeny said...

Queenie - I know, he looks good enough to, er, eat. I have a bit of a crush on our Sean in case you hadn't guessed. Yum.

Goth - How about a lucky bag?! Stick your hand in and see what comes out?    

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