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People say life is the thing, but I prefer reading*


This post on Amalah got me thinking about my ... foibles. I am slightly obsessive about certain things (other things, like opening mail and paying bills, not so much), to the point that people must think I am slightly strange.

I have to have the toilet paper away from the wall. If I see the toilet paper facing the wrong way, I HAVE to fix it. Fiance doesn't care which way the toilet paper goes, and just sticks it on the holder any old way. Which of course means I have to come along and fix it because IT'S WRONG AND OMG WHY WOULD ANYONE DO THAT?! I also flip toilet paper in other people's houses. I figure I'm doing them a favour.

I have to go for a pee before I go to bed. This is in itself isn't unusual, but it has to be the last thing I do otherwise I lie there in the dark thinking 'I should've gone for a pee. I don't need now but I'm gonna wake up in an hour and have to go so I might as well go now'. Even if there IS NO PEE, I have to go and sit on the loo for a minute, just to make sure.

I can't drink tea out of a mug that I have previously used for Cup-A-Soup. It doesn't matter if the mug last had soup in it 6 months ago and it has since been washed with boiling water AND bleach, the tea tastes like soup and makes me want to vomit. I have to have a special soup mug, that I use specifically for soup and nothing else.

This one scares me slightly because the psycho husband in Sleeping With The Enemy did the same thing: tins/bottles/packets in my cupboards have to have the label facing outwards, and be grouped together in families (e.g. if I have two tins of beans they have to be next to each other). I HATE seeing the back of something staring out of my cupboard at me. It makes my teeth itch. It's also partly just good sense, because you can see at a glance everything that's in there (at least, that's what I tell myself).

So there you go, these are my cute little idiosyncrasies (read: reasons why I will never find anyone to marry me except Fiance).

What are yours?*

*Tell me I'm not alone


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At 9.11.06, Blogger Vicki said...

So strange - maybe we are friends because we share the same habits.

Re Toilet paper I always change to over, Boyfriend always puts in the wrong way and I once broke a friends holder changing it drunk (she thinks I just pulled too hard).

Peeing - I always have to do this before I go to bed. If I am I desperate and have to pee before teeth brushing and make up removing I have to go again just before I go to bed. I mean I read a book in bed and actually have to get back out to go and pee before turning light out.

I agree with the grouping of things in cupboards but I am ok about the labels. (thank god, that would drive me crazy).

I have to go to bed with a glass of water beside me even if I am not thirsty.

I inherited one from our friend Louise which has made me obsessed with switches being off when not in use.

I cannot park my car with my indicator still on.

The marg has to be in the same place in the fridge - I am ok with everything else being mixed about.

I don't think these are bad things, they are what makes me, me. . .Thank god I am not single, I would die a spinster. . .    

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