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People say life is the thing, but I prefer reading*

It's not the first wedding-related freak out, and it certainly won't be the last

So I've found my wedding dress.

It turns out that I was right in this post - the one I kind-of-almost thought was the one, is the one. I've not ordered it yet because that would involve committing to get married and at the moment there's nothing really stopping me from running away and hiding come 7th September next year, because we've not handed over any money to anyone.*

I tried on a number of dresses on Saturday, but none of them really made me feel all that special. As soon as I put on The Dress however, I felt like someone had sprinkled Instant Bride Powder over me - despite the fact my hair was all windswept and I'd cut my leg whilst shaving and I had on blue pants. The only thing that worries me (other than the possibility I may put on my blue pants come the wedding day), is that the dress isn't how I pictured it. I had pictured something lacy and pretty like this but it's not. At all.**

I don't know if this is a bad thing or not. Is it? Help me please, Internet.

Sidenote: The hefty price tag was also put into perspective in the first bridal shop we went to. I was handed a questionnaire by the po-faced assistant asking all the usual questions about the wedding date/location etc, and there was a section at the bottom relating to my budget, asking me to tick the bracket that matched my budget. The top bracket was £7000-£9000, which thankfully, is waaay more than my dress. When I saw this I nearly swallowed my clipboard, and decided that I wasn't going to tick any of the boxes, because I'm pig-headed. And because I didn't want them to think I couldn't easily afford the most expensive dress in the shop.

Typical of Fiance and I we haven't really made any other wedding progress, although our hall cupboard is in great shape. We went back to the venue with both mums - cue much oohing and aahing. We asked if the place had their seal of approval for the wedding and the reply was that if we didn't book it, they would. So I think that's a goer.

But we still don't have a photographer, or a band. Or a finalised guest list. Or an estimate of how much it's all going to cost (other than 'a lot'). Or kilts, bridesmaids dresses, a florist, menu, seating plan, first song, last song, favours or most importantly of all - all honeymoon.

After arranging all that, I'm going to need a holiday. And possibly a mild sedative.

*I'm KIDDING, of course...

**I should clarify here that The Dress is very pretty, it's just not lacy or vintagey which is what I pictured. This post is just badly written.


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At 29.11.06, Blogger Drama Queen said...

I like 'The Dress' much better than the one you have posted up as a might have been option. . .

In fact, no offence, but the might have been is a bit nasty!

I love your dress, so much so I'm going to browse Belgian Bridal shops. . .and enjoy freaking Boyfriend out.    

At 30.11.06, Anonymous Piper said...

Yikes... I remember the evilness that was planning my wedding. Good luck!    

At 30.11.06, Blogger Teeny said...

Thanks Piper! I get the feeling I may need it...    

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