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People say life is the thing, but I prefer reading*


I've recently discovered the wonder that is SiteMeter, and I check it on an embarrassingly regular basis. Occasionally when someone Googles some random phrase, they (inadvertently I'm sure) get directed to my blog. SiteMeter shows you the search terms and these are quite telling, and in some cases, worrying.

A selection:
  • 'Fiance trouble' (errrr, Cam? Don't go delving into the archives, kay?!)
  • 'Putting a buster collar on my cat' (My advice? Don't even bother trying)
  • 'Mic Martin' (my weird crush, which I now wish I hadn't disclosed on my blog)
  • 'Two cats making banging noises' (What. The. Fuck?!)
  • 'Keeping us warm in the night pooh' (Again, WTF?!)
  • 'Ian McEwan bookworm' (ok, I get this one, but the previous two?!)
  • 'Take my fiance's name' (I'm saving further discussion on this topic for the New Year)
  • 'Minky Dusting Dog' (courtesy of Sarah)

And my personal favourite (and by far the highest in the rankings):

  • 'Big schlong' (I have nothing further to add)

So the themes seem to be the Fiance, cats, books, obsessive cleaning, and just plain weirdness. Sounds about right.

Maybe I need to branch out.


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*Logan Pearsall Smith

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