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People say life is the thing, but I prefer reading*

One of those days...

I'm a bit out of sorts today. I had a bad start this morning (nothing worth writing about, just the usual morning-from-hell where nothing goes right) so I'm feeling a bit ... meh. I also feel quite overwhelmed by the festive season (despite my holiday cheer last week - I think I peaked early), and certain things in my life are kind of stressing me out. I may write about these things sometime but today isn't the day for it.

I've been finding it quite hard to keep coming up with light-hearted things to write about. My blog has never been an outlet for any of my deepest darkest feelings - when I started writing it it was mainly an avenue for writing stupid observations and jokes, but increasingly I've been feeling that I need to write something with a bit more substance. Maybe this is the start of the long-awaited BWN (Booker Winning Novel), or maybe it's a sign that I could do with some counselling too. Either way, it's got to be good for me.

Anyway, I've written and deleted four posts about various things, and it turns out I can't get my head together enough to write anything coherent enough to publish, so I'm not even going to try.

Weird crush of the week:

Mic Martin, the scary trainer from my new favourite programme: Dog Borstal on BBC3.

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At 19.12.06, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey. Pleased I wasn't alone in having a less than peachy day. Hope one of those posts gets written soon because I think your blog is great. In the mean time I am about to run this week's Weird Crush past my mother...;-)    

At 19.12.06, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey - me again. I have insomnia - and a question. If you could write your BWN what would it be about?

I have definitely couldn't write a BWN - not literary enough by a long way. A reasonable piece of rom com would be the best I could aim for.

On that note, when I was at uni I kept a diary and I always thought it would be just the thing for a girl to publish the diary of her life. I was a bit gutted when Helen Fielding did it so beautifully a few years later!

However, not half as gutted as Mark's IT friend. For years, this friend thought it would be great if people didn't have to buy CDs but could buy and download the tunes they wanted to create their own compilations - but he never quite got round to putting his idea into practice. He is the only person we know who foams at the mouth at the mention of iTunes!! :-)    

At 20.12.06, Blogger Drama Queen said...

Like I said on Elisabeth's bad days happen. . .TO EVERYONE! And when we have a bad day its easy to go down the thought process of "my life us crap, this happened and this happened". And then to feel guilty because, well you're getting married soon and really you should be happy, but why are you not. . .Embrace it, understand it, but remember it's a bad day. . .tomorrow might bring a good one. I hope.    

At 20.12.06, Blogger Teeny said...

Thanks both - feeling a bit more chipper today... And also realising just how weird my weird crush is. What are yours? Make me feel better, please.

As for my BWN, the problem is that I don't know for sure! I'd like to write something to do with the environment and the mess we're making of the planet - maybe some vision of the future in which humans are buggered because of our current stupidity regarding the climate. But I need to find a different angle than just 'stop polluting the planet', which is bo-ring.    

At 20.12.06, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heh heh heh. Are you ready for this? My weirdest crush was John Major. And I am a liberal leftie (for the avoidance of doubt). Curiously enough, this rather embarrassing crush featured in my friend Susan's speech at my wedding!!

That sounds a great BWN. 'Minority Report' is my favourite film on the potential system of law and order of the future and what I really liked about it was it made the point that my lecturers tried to make all the time at uni but it made the point in a really creative way and so people 'got it'.

See how you talk about books and I end up talking about films because I haven't read anything but legal textbooks for years? :-) I should definitely read more quality fiction (New Year's Resolution number 106 for 2007).    

At 21.12.06, Blogger Drama Queen said...

JOHN MAJOR. . .please say you were only doing that to make Teeny smile!!    

At 21.12.06, Blogger Teeny said...

Hee! Thanks E - I feel better now...!    

At 21.12.06, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Drama Queen - no comment :-))    

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