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People say life is the thing, but I prefer reading*

This has nothing to do with my wedding.

There's been a bit of soul-searching going on at the moment regarding blogging in general, blogging etiquette, effects on friends and family and so forth. Drama Queen, Elisabeth and Sarah to name, well three, and I've been thinking about the same topics.

In addition to Fiance, only two friends know about my blog. One of these friends was off work with a ruptured Achilles Tendon (oww!) and the other is Drama Queen. I told both of these friends as the topic of blogging came up in a 'maybe-I-should-start-a-blog' kind of way. Although I hadn't mentioned it to them or anyone else, I didn't want to start telling downright lies about it and revealed my secret.

But none of my family know. Not that I'm ashamed, or that I think they'll be offended by anything I've written, I've just never gotten round to telling them. When I started this, I just wanted to write something every day.* I never expected anyone to read it, and wasn't bothered whether anyone did - it meant I could write about farting without worrying what people think of me (I fart A LOT).

But now I feel like I'm keeping something from my rellies because this here blawg has become quite important to me. It's somewhere I can come and express my thoughts, opinions and feelings in a way that lets me EDIT. I sound more intelligent on this blog than I do in real life - I'm a mumbling, sputtering idiot in my day-to-day life. But also, it has got me writing pretty much every day - even if I don't publish what I write I save it. This means a) I'm learning to edit my own writing, and b) there's always a substandard post that I can put up in a pinch. I'm also starting to feel that it's another way to socialise and make new friends - albeit in a strange, virtual kind of way.

So I think over the next few days I'm going to do a bit of spring cleaning to make sure there's nothing too mortifying for me or them. And then I'm going to think seriously about telling my folks of the existence of NotJustAHatStand.***

*Well, every other day**

**Oh ok - as often as I could be assed.

***Let the record show that I only said I'd think about it.


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At 30.11.06, Blogger Drama Queen said...

Totally agree. I keep telling everyone. I don’t mean to but I feel like I have a dirty little secret if they don’t know about it. In the beginning I decided to not even tell Boyfriend but then I felt like I was cheating on him. . .then I told my family who mainly fear t’internet and think I am going to get into trouble, which I probably am but best they all know about it so they can come bail me out. . .    

At 30.11.06, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funnily enough, I was having a chat with da husband last night about this again.

I think I wouldn't mind him reading my blog (well, apart from the Michael and Callum stuff - which, by the way, is not nearly as exciting as it sounds Teeny blog readers!!)but the point is I get feelings out there that I wouldn't necessarily want to burden my family and friends with. For me, it has that 'dear diary' element which is very therapeutic and I would really miss it.

However, my level of blogging openness in turn creates the desire to keep it separate from my 'real life' and that has been making me feel like I am leading some kind of double life, which isn't entirely comfortable.

More rambles - no solutions unfortunately!

Good luck with your edit.    

At 30.11.06, Blogger Teeny said...

I keep thinking that if I tell someone about it and they actually visit the site, they'll realise I've been doing it since February 06 and wonder why I haven't told them!

I also have that secret identity thing going on, and I worry that if all my family and friends know about it I'll feel inhibited when I sit down to write something.

Blogging - who knew it would be so complicated?!!    

At 1.12.06, Blogger Drama Queen said...

I asked Boyfriend AGAIN why he doesn't read the blog. . .he says he feels a bit embarassed going on, like he's reading my diary or something. . .he says he likes that I get those thoughts out there but just can't read them all as they are so personal to me. Kinda cute (I think).    

At 2.12.06, Blogger Stacey said...

Most of my close friends don't read my blog, so when they ask me what's up, I'm like, "Don't you know??" ;) However, my family members and peripheral friends do read it. So my not-as-good friends end up knowing more about my life than my good friends. Plus, I have to be somewhat careful not to blog about sex or extreme drunkenness, because I know my father and/or mother will probably read it at some point. Urgh.

The boyfriend has read it once or twice. He think I'm a good writer, but he doesn't have time (or the inclination) to read it regularly. I think he's a little worried I'll whinge about him on the internets, though. ;)    

At 10.12.06, Blogger Cat said...

I've been writing my blog since the beginning of last year and have told only three people about it. None of them know the URL though. Not because I actually write anything personal, it's more a series of observations than anything else, but because I actually like the fact it's a secret.    

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