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People say life is the thing, but I prefer reading*

Dream a little dream of... death, injury, sadness...

I had a nightmare last night, and woke up at 5.30 in a cold sweat and breathing like I'd just run for the bus. I used to have a recurring dream that disturbed me quite a lot* but I don't often have nightmares (other than strange wedding-related ones about getting married in jeans and a dirty t-shirt - they'll stop once I actually ORGANISE my wedding).

But the dream I had last night was horrible, as I froze to death after getting locked outside overnight and became a ghost. I was see-through and white, and I couldn't see or talk to my family (I watched them all having dinner in a nice restaurant, having a lovely time without me - aiee!) and I had to live in a creepy old haunted house with lots of other ghosts who all had terrible injuries and afflictions. Strangely, the thing I was most upset about was that I couldn't cuddle my cats. I was crying hysterically because I was watching Fiance cuddling Coco and I wanted to give her a cuddle too but couldn't.

I'm quite baffled as to what it could mean though, other than that I'm far too attached to my cats. I suppose the obvious meaning is a fear of losing my family (which I guess isn't surprising given the events of the last couple of years), but that's nothing new - I've always been a worrier and when I was younger I used to lie awake at night thinking about what would happen if I ever lost one of my parents.

Then again, maybe it's better not to think about what it means - it'll probably just give me other things to worry about!

*About being in a forest clearing with my mum and lots of giant pink spiders crawling all over me. Completely inexplicable...

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At 8.12.06, Anonymous Jill said...

I just watched Harry Potter on DVD and then dreamed of spiders in the woods too ... I think maybe I should watch something easier before bed, like Sesame Street ...    

At 8.12.06, Blogger Teeny said...

Believe it or not I think the ghost thing came from me reading the first Harry Potter book right before I went to sleep that night! The ghosts had just made their first appearance, funnily enough...

Thanks for visiting Jill!    

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*Logan Pearsall Smith

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