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People say life is the thing, but I prefer reading*

Hallmark Holiday

The Boy and I don't really make a big fuss over Valentine's Day these days. We try not to kill each other every day of the year, we just make a special effort on February 14th.*

We're not doing anything tonight, but we're going out for dinner on Saturday, which is enough for me. I don't need boxes of chocolates, teddy bears holding boxes of chocolates, bouquets of flowers or bunches of balloons delivered to my office by a barbershop quartet. That's not to say I would turn any of these things down of course**, but I don't need them to know that the Boy loves me. Anyway, because he's not the type to make these kind of gestures (he's more of a behind-closed-doors man), I would feel like he'd been forced into it, and it doesn't mean anything unless it's been his own idea and is something that he wants to do. I once guilt tripped him into sending me a bunch of flowers, and I didn't enjoy it nearly as much as the time he did it off his own back.

He bought me a diamond, he can dine out on that one for a couple of years yet. No flowers necessary.

Happy Valentine's Day Smelly.

*I'm kidding of course

**Well, except maybe the barbershop quartet...

Update: I wrote this on my lunchbreak, and when I got home he had bought some nice food from M&S (including pudding!) and a bunch of red roses. Bless. He did forget my card, which is currently sitting on his desk at work, but you can't have everything.


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At 15.2.07, Blogger Drama Queen said...

You make me feel guilty for receiving gifts dammit.

I was only joking when I said I forced him. It was all of his own, unexpected doing.

Yet being here I suddenly feel all shameful for liking Valentine’s Day. Especially this year when I really needed the cheering up.

*Hangs head in shame*    

At 15.2.07, Blogger Teeny said...

I'm not trying to make anyone feel guilty! These are just my own personal feelings about Valentines Day (which I wrote early in the day before I spoke to you).

And did you not read the update?! I got a gift too.    

At 15.2.07, Blogger SpanishGoth said...

Ladies, ladies - calm down. I sent DQ a card and she didn't ask for that. Mi Mariposa received flowers, champagne and a meal - none of which she asked for.

I received F all but so what, I have all the love I need    

At 15.2.07, Blogger Drama Queen said...

Goth, I'm just a little sensitive. I'm glad you treated your lady accordingly.


At 15.2.07, Blogger Teeny said...

I don't even have strong feelings about Valentines Day myself. Just couldn't think of anything else to write about!

DQ - I wuv oo

At 15.2.07, Blogger Drama Queen said...


At 15.2.07, Blogger SpanishGoth said...

Thats better - all back to normal again *sighs with relief and departs*    

At 15.2.07, Blogger going through a tough time said...

i LOVE valentines and i got sod all and spent it weeping into my fennel tea so you lot think yourselves very lucky that it's not about gifts, but someone taking the time, that maybe they don't feel able to the rest of the year, but today the door is open for them to tell you that they love you.x    

At 16.2.07, Blogger James said...

And now for something completely different: Just noticed on your profile one of your favourite movies is Benny & June. I loved that movie, and had forgotten about it for so many years. Need to see again.    

At 16.2.07, Blogger Teeny said...

GTTT - I do count myself lucky, esp because the Boy doesn't wait till V Day to show he loves me. He bought me a diamond, he never needs to buy flowers again! Anyway, hope you're doing ok after rubbish day on Wednesday. The Goth meister is right - you're better off without him xx

James - HOW good is that film?! The bit at the end when Sam is swinging past the window... Aww, I love it!    

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