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People say life is the thing, but I prefer reading*

There's Nothing Wrong With Bullet Points*

Things I have been doing:
  1. Planning a good long post, that has a topic and is thought provoking (ish). That is not this post.
  2. Freaking out about the hee-uge list of questions our wedding venue expect us to answer.
  3. Feeling quite smug about my every-other-day gym attendance, but rather dismayed at how much of my evening it takes up - I have to go to bed at a NORMAL time, and I have to be ORGANISED. These things do not come easily to me.
  4. Shopping for gifts - my granny's 80th birthday tomorrow, and a cousin's christening on Sunday. And I'm effing rooked.
  5. Realising that it's just over four months until I get married. FOUR. MONTHS. Jesus H. Christ.
  6. Writing a To Do list that is actually almost as long as my arm. I do have short arms, but that is still A BIG LIST #whimpers#
  7. Randomly capitalising whole words, apparently. This is not a good sign.
  8. Planning a bit of an overhaul of the blogroll (lots of new people to be added) and possibly a whole new template. (HA! Like that's gonna happen anytime soon - Ed)

So, in conclusion - busy, tired, and a teeny bit stressed.

P.S. I have been keeping up with everyone's blogs, even if I haven't left many comments.

*Except that they don't show up in my template so I had to do a numbered list instead.

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At 27.4.07, Blogger Melissa said...

Oh, poo. Adding links takes seconds once you've opened a second window, and on Blogger a template switch won't take you five minutes. I like what you have going on here, I should mention, but if you want to mix it up, you'll only need to set aside a half hour, max.

I think more commas were called for there. :)

And wedding stuff? One thing at a time and you've got it in the bag. Don't let it overwhelm you - it's going to be great!    

At 27.4.07, Blogger Drama Queen said...

Wooh. I wish I was like Melissa. . .

*gazes up in adoration*

Links take me hours and redecoration, well, that took a few weeks and the help of a big strong man.


At 27.4.07, Blogger Shameless said...

Gym every other day - that's very impressive - I need to start doing that, it's beach time soon...    

At 27.4.07, Blogger SpanishGoth said...

Four months????


*runs off laughing*    

At 27.4.07, Blogger Timbo said...

If you need to borrow an extra arm, you know, to space stuff out a bit, then just ask. I'm sure I have a couple lying around somewhere.

And ta for the link. :)    

At 27.4.07, Blogger Melissa said...

Ah, but I should mention my blog setup is as simple as they come. If I wanted to do some real redecoration, I'd be tearing my hair out in minutes.

Teeny, you're inspiring me to exercise more - thanks!    

At 27.4.07, Blogger Teeny said...

Melissa - the links are fine but I end up fiddling with the template for what seems like hours! And I'm glad my fitness regime is inspiring someone, instead of making people sick, as someone told me at work today! Which was nice.

Queenie - Good old BF eh?!

Shameless - The thought of wearing a bikini in public is a good motivational tool isn't it?!

Goth - Aiee! Don't make it worse!

Timbo - Why thank you!    

At 27.4.07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Put something on your list that you've already done. Then you can immediately tick it off.

Completely mental, but immensely satifying that you've already done one thing. Works for me!!!

PS. 4 months is 122 days. That's tons!    

At 28.4.07, Blogger Cat said...

I'm blown away by your gym dedication, missus. Good work.    

At 29.4.07, Blogger phoenix said...

you'll be absolutely fine and enjoy the run up to the wedding because it'll be here and the day will be gone before you know it.
And Goth, behave yourself you naughty boy.
Thank you also for my link-starting to feel like a real blogger now people are linking me.!x    

At 1.5.07, Blogger Mr Farty said...

Oooo, thanks for the link!

Can't believe you can revamp your blog but can't do bulleted lists.

What was I going to say? Oh, yes.

Just make sure that if you're having the theme from Robin Hood played as you walk down the aisle, it's the film not the tv series.


At 3.5.07, Blogger Teeny said...

Petifilou - I feel a bit better now as we've ticked a few things off said list...

Cat - It won't last, I promise! It feels good to be able to climb the four flights of stairs to my office without puffing like an old bellows though.

Phoenix - I know we'll get there in the end, it's just a bit daunting when you see it in black and white and all official like!

Farty - I probably could have figured out how to make the bullets work properly, but I couldn't be arsed fighting with Blogger! Stoopid template. And re Robin Hood theme - it would certainly be, er, different...! Except that instead of a slow march down the aisle it would be more of a gallop and I'd probably break an ankle.    

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