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People say life is the thing, but I prefer reading*


Tomorrow morning me, the Boy, both our Mums, and Boris The Dog are leaving for the bonny Isle of Skye. I'm praying for sunshine, or at the very least an absence of driving rain and howling wind, which is what I remember from my last trip to the island about 13 years ago. However, this being Scotland, I'm packing my waterproofs. And remembering that at least it looks atmospheric when the mist comes down:

Coco and Roo are staying here to hold the fort, and our friendly catsitter is coming every day to make sure they're not having any wild parties in my absence (also to water my carrots, which are going great guns by the way).

I'll be back next Saturday, hopefully tanned and relaxed, but more than likely knackered and midge-bitten.

Keep an eye on the place, won't you.


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At 18.5.07, Blogger londongirl said...

WOW. If you see anything as beautiful as that, a few midge bites are worth it!

Have a fabulous time.    

At 18.5.07, Blogger Cat said...

I think Skye's about the only Scottish island I've never been to! Have a good one, missus.    

At 18.5.07, Blogger Melissa said...

Gorgeous picture! Have a good weekend.    

At 18.5.07, Blogger Timbo said...

They have lots of otters in Skye. Lovely otters! And an otter sanctuary.

Say hello to the otters for me, and have a lovely and obviously very beautiful time. x    

At 19.5.07, Blogger Stacey said...

Have a great time, Teens. I'm still (semi-)happily remembering my time on Skye in March. :)    

At 19.5.07, Blogger James said...

I've stood on that exact same spot - absolutely gorgeous. Have a great break.    

At 19.5.07, Blogger Drama Queen said...

Enjoy my love.    

At 21.5.07, Blogger SpanishGoth said...

A party with no pussies? Cheapskate.

Seriously, hope you have a lovely time and - enjoy...    

At 25.5.07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

jealous. great picture. you can tan? how unfair! take me with you! i want to go to scotland too. well, pooh. guess i'm stuck in hot and humid Mississippi this holiday weekend.    

At 4.6.07, Blogger pink jellybaby said...

i was in Skye last Sunday and we had lovely weather... i wasnt to go there again as wel only saw the bit round the ferry port and the castle... but it was lovely!    

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