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People say life is the thing, but I prefer reading*

Weekend Update

Gah. I thought of a stonkin' post topic earlier, but I didn't have a notebook/back of envelope/shirt cuff to write on, and now I've forgotten what it was. I think it may have had something to do with pavement sweepers.

Maybe it's best forgotten.

Anyway, I had a nice weekend - drinks after work on Friday, shopping for Mother of the Bride outfits on Saturday (including lunch at Valvona and Crolla courtesy of my sister who had a bit of a windfall) then dinner with the Boy at our favourite Mexican restaurant, and finally, a nice walk in Roslin Glen on Sunday.

I've left it a bit late to write this (hence it being a bit shit), because I've been watching the final of the Snooker World Championships tonight - I'm cheering for John Higgins. I like snooker, it's nice and peaceful (there's no screaming like there is with football) so I can keep an eye on it and still be able to concentrate on a book. But it's getting late, and I'm up early for the gym tomorrow so I'm off to bed.

Night night, internets.


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At 8.5.07, Blogger Cat said...

I hate snooker, but I do love Valvona and Crolla - yummy. I used to work with a very posh gentleman and he and his partner would get a hamper from there every Christmas which always made me feel very jealous!    

At 8.5.07, Blogger phoenix said...

aw I'm homesick now,roslin chapel,the glen,the original hotel
*gazes wistfully out of her window*
My home village!:-)    

At 8.5.07, Blogger Drama Queen said...



*ducks before terrier teeny attacks*    

At 8.5.07, Blogger Hannah said...

STILL not been to V&C. Must go when the mother brings her credit cards. I'm a massive fan of The Outsider and Skippers... Yum.    

At 9.5.07, Blogger Lucyp said...

Was it anything to do with the way street sweepers always, always, always whistle. Badly.    

At 9.5.07, Blogger Timbo said...

What the hell is valvona and crolla?    

At 9.5.07, Blogger Teeny said...

Cat - It's looovely.

Phoenix - Aw I didn't know that! It's lovely. £7 to get into the chapel though!

Queenie - #Sniff#

Hannah - It was my first time there, but I will certainly be back!

Lucyp - Fortunately for all of you, I think it's gone forever!

Timbo - Valvona and Crolla is a lovely Italian deli. It's a bit of an Edinburgh institution.    

At 10.5.07, Blogger londongirl said...

You like snooker? Wow. Umn. That's unusual for a girl, isn't it?

I find it too complicated - maths and all. Not my thing.    

At 10.5.07, Blogger phoenix said...

used to be able to get in for £1 was that bloody movie Da Vinci code that's ruined it (ranted bout that on Goth's comments today). It is beautiful though.    

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