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People say life is the thing, but I prefer reading*

Charity Shopping

Hoo-wee, it's been a while since I updated... I've been rather busy being a domestic goddess and generally not doing anything worth blogging about.

However I have realised that I've become worringly enthusiastic about shopping in charity shops. In particular, charity shops that have a large book section.

You may find this surprising in view of my previous purchases, as the books you get from charity shops are not necessarily the prettiest or in the best condition. But it doesn't bother me. I like my books to look like they've been loved and if they're a bit dog-eared then so much the better. However I noticed a sign in the last charity shop I was in that gave me pause - it said 'Buy them, read them, return them to us!'

But... but... I don't want to return them.

I don't have to return them do I?

#panics, clutching books to chest#


When I moved house I unfortunately put myself in very close proximity to perhaps the largest concentration of charity shops in Edinburgh and I've taken to poking around in them at the weekends. As a book-hoarder who loves the thrill of coming home from the high street with a pile of new stuff, this is awkward. My already overstuffed bookshelves are now tottering under the weight of my numerous bargains. The Boy's suggestions that I seek help are becoming increasingly stern and scary.

But it's ok, because I don't limit myself to books. Why, this very weekend I bought myself a (new) pegbag*:

And my mum bought me this Hobbs handbag, bargain of the month at just £8:

I also bought Human Traces and Middlesex for £2 each, but that's beside the point. For one thing it helped Cancer Research, and for another I needed a pick-me-up after spending the morning at a wedding fair with both mums, fighting off Bridezillas for the last bit of cake.**

*I know - a PEGBAG. All I need now is a pinny and a piping bag.

**Mmm, cake.

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At 19.2.07, Blogger Cat said...

A new Barnardos bookshop has opened by my work and I have taken to buying books there and then donating them back when I've read them. My flat was in danger of being mistaken for a library so it is a good thing, not to mention the fact I am clearly a Good Person doing good things for good causes.    

At 19.2.07, Blogger going through a tough time said...

the peg bag is just plain scary, the hobbs bag is lucky, and the returning the books thing is a great idea, either that or you can give them to a friend.It may not be such a wrench for you then as you'll just feel like you're lending it out, even though 9 times out of 10 you'll probably never see it again.Any joy yet on the first dance song?    

At 19.2.07, Blogger James said...

The peg bag is just wrong. Wrong.    

At 20.2.07, Blogger Drama Queen said...

I love the peg bag. I have a toilet brush in the same print. . .


*nipping on quickly to say hello*    

At 20.2.07, Blogger Teeny said...

Cat - you are a Good Person, better than me. I am a grasping, covetous hoarder. I don't care about the children. Or the poor.

GTTT - I love them both! I may bring the pegbag to work with me tomorrow instead of the handbag. Still not chosen the first song, we'll probably decide a week before the wedding and have to make do with whatever the band can play!

James - how rude! My pegbag is the height of fashion and style.

DQ - thank you! They have a whole range of stuff in that print, I plan to buy it all...    

At 20.2.07, Blogger SpanishGoth said...

Ha ha - where I used to live in the UK there were 27 charity shops in a 3 mile radius.

The best part was when some women was clearing out her blokes collection. You'd get 8 or more books appear all on a similar theme - e.g. serial killers or something. 20 pence a shot - get me a trolley NOW ;-)

As for the bag - all I can think of now is DQ's toilet decor - Yikes    

At 20.2.07, Blogger Drama Queen said...

Its nothing like the brush. At all. Which is way the brush looks so cool. Actually the bathroom is just white with slate floor tiles. Don't pretend you don't know Goth.    

At 20.2.07, Blogger Teeny said...

DQ's right - you can only have the cool Cath Kidston-y print against nice plain decor... Anything else and it WOULD be scary.

That's my new obsession: www.cathkidston.com

I could spend A FORTUNE on that site.    

At 20.2.07, Blogger Stacey said...

Love, love, love the bag, Teens. Pegbag is cute, too.

I can relate to the charity shop book-buying. I lived in Pollock Halls when I studied in Edinburgh, so I was right near the many shops of Newington. But since I was coming home eventually, I couldn't buy all of the books I wanted! I should have done the "buy & return" thing.    

At 20.2.07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I LOVE the pegbag and am jealous that you obviously have a garden and somewhere to hang your washing without the fear of having it nicked.

I have a Cath Kidston pinny and oven glove, as well as a handtowel and face cloth. None of the match, but that's the beauty of "vintage chic"!    

At 20.2.07, Blogger Teeny said...

S - Thanks, me too! 'Cept I took it to work today and ended up carrying half my stuff as it's not big enough to contain all the shit I carry about with me :o[ Still, small but perfectly formed.

P - Gardens are all very well but mowing the lawn is an effing nightmare. My pegbag is currently hanging in my kitchen cause it's so pretty! Well, that and the fact that it's nighttime and I've no washing out.    

At 20.2.07, Blogger Cat said...

I should add, I am not not really a Good Person. It's more about the fact that there is virtually no room for anything in my flat because of all the books there. I figure it's good to "share" books so someone else can get pleasure from them though - spread the love!    

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