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Pillow Talk

I'm a tea jenny. I like to have a cup of mint tea in bed before I go to sleep. It's become something of a ritual, and I now cannot sleep unless I have a cup of sencha green tea with natural mint and a chapter or so of my book. Conversation between Hubby and I last night:

Me: You made my tea too strong.
Hubby: Sorry.
Me: It's the colour of wee.
Hubby: What colour should it be? The colour of a watery wee?
Me: Yes! That's absolutely the colour it should be! The kind of wee you do after you drink 2 pints of water.
Hubby: Or six pints of beer?
Me (ignoring previous comment): I find that 4 or 5 dunks of the teabag is sufficient.
Hubby (sleepily): 4 or 5 dunks, gotcha.
Me: 4 or 5 good dunks though, with the bag fully immersed in the water.
Hubby: Can I go to sleep now?
Me: And if you could give the bag a wee shake before you dunk that would be lovely, just to get rid of the tea-dust, because it all sinks to the bottom of the cup, and I can't drink the last mouthful.
Hubby: So that's Point 11 of Teeny's Guide To The Perfect Cup Of Tea. I shall make a note of it.
Me: Well, I'm just telling you this so that you know for the next time. We're married now, so you're going to be making me lots of cup of tea in the years to come.
Hubby: [snore]

Marriage. It's a riot you know.

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At 26.11.07, Blogger Loth said...

I haven't heard the expression "tea jenny" since my Gran died - it's what she always called me and I don't think I have ever heard anyone else say it, so thanks for that. And yes, a good marriage can be defined by how well make your spouse's tea. My husband knows I need exactly 1cm of milk in the bottom of the cup and I wouldn't be surprised to find him with a ruler in the kitchen, just making sure!    

At 27.11.07, Blogger Drama Queen said...

Not just marriage. BF and I have similar conversations. If he made my tea wrong I would honestly think he had stopped loving me.    

At 27.11.07, Blogger Hannah said...

Urgh. I am SO jealous. I live with an American who has NO IDEA about tea, let alone the concept of making it for anyone else. Harrumph.    

At 1.12.07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm with Hannah on this one,the "Missus" is American too,just hasn't got it.But, betweeen me an you,who cares!    

At 4.1.08, Blogger Mr Farty said...

I'm really not that fussy about my tea. As long it's made with Assam teabags and freshly boiled water, stirred continuously for exactly one minute then topped up with enough milk to make it drinkable without scalding.

btw, why can't I see DQ's blog?    

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