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People say life is the thing, but I prefer reading*

T minus 27 days

It's approaching 11pm on Friday night, and I'm just back from getting my legs (and various other bits) waxed. The only appointment I could get was for 9pm. How bizarre. It was kinda nice walking about Edinburgh though, the Festival's just beginning and it's actually ok when you're not battling your way through the milling tourists to get to/from work.

The reason for this twilight waxing is that it's my hen party tomorrow. I'm having a kids party for grown ups - including hen-party bags, vodka-jelly and ice cream, and a naked butler. I wanted to get a bouncy castle but it was going to be too expensive (the butler alone is £180 for 2 hours!) so I had to abandon that plan. My sister (Chief Bridesmaid) is taking her job alarmingly seriously however, and has apparently arranged 'activities' so goodness knows what's going to happen.

I didn't want to do the whole weekend away thing that seems to be the norm these days. Maybe it's because I live in a city that's fairly popular with the hen/stag weekend market, and the thought of tripping round Newcastle wearing a hot pink sparkly stetson, or losing my passport in Prague, made my toes curl. Not that there's anything wrong with that - the Boy had his stag do in Newquay last weekend and had a ball*. But it's not for me. So I'm having the party tomorrow, and my workmates are taking me out for a night on the town at the end of August. That probably will involve some form of pink sparkly headgear but I can handle it for one night.

*With the possible exception of the hour he had to spend wearing a Borat style mankini, poor thing.

I'm nervous about tomorrow, in much the same way I used to get before birthday parties when I was little - 'what if no-one shows up', 'what if the people that do show up have a horrible time', 'what if something goes terribly wrong and my mum doesn't see the funny side of all the willy shaped ice cubes'. You know the kind of thing. But I'm sure a vodka-jelly shot will ease those worries riiight away.

Posting might be, er, sporadic for the next wee whiley. As you can see from the title it's not long till The Big Day and things are a bit hectic. I'll try and post a picture of the naked butler though.

Wish me luck.

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At 11.8.07, Blogger Random Reflections said...

I hope you have a really great day. There's a naked butler - how could they possibly not enjoy it??    

At 11.8.07, Blogger Cat said...

Have fun! I've actually never been to a "typical" hen night and have a weird longing to wander round a city dressed as a bunny for a weekend...    

At 13.8.07, Blogger londongirl said...

Good luck!!!

But if the naked butler is anything like the one we had for a recent hen weekend,
he'll be disarmingly lovely and WAY too young to see as anything sexual.

Have fun!!    

At 14.8.07, Blogger Melissa said...

Ooh! Sounds like you (or Chief Bridesmaid) have a wonderful evening planned!

And don't worry. No one can avoid being charmed by willy-shaped ice cubes.    

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