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People say life is the thing, but I prefer reading*

Small Fry

I'm not a tall person. I just asked the Boy to measure me, and I am the grand old height of 5 feet and 3 inches. I'm a little upset because I've always thought I was 5'4 but you can't argue with the statistics. My hands and feet are also quite petite. I'm normally a size 3 shoe but this varies depending on the shop and the shoe - I sometimes have to wear size 4, but I also own a pair of size 2 shoes that I bought for a friend's wedding. My hands are pretty small too. Freakishly small, according to some people whose names I will not mention, Boy.

Despite all this, I don't think of myself as being particularly small - I feel like a heifer standing next to the director of my department, who is truly tiny. And I suppose I feel only slightly smaller than the average person. Today though, my modest stature was pointed out to me by two complete strangers.

I bought myself a pair of new shoes. They're little ballet pumps, in my usual size 3, and for some reason the snooty girl in the shop didn't think they merited a shoebox. She was waiting for my receipt to print and I heard her mutter: 'I can probably just fit these into a tiny wee bag'.

And so she did. She put my pretty new shoes into a bag approximately the size of a VHS videotape. I didn't mind too much as the weeny little bag will be handy for taking random bits and bobs that don't fit into my handbag to work, but still - just because the shoes are little they don't get to go in a grown up bag? As Snooty Girl was handing me the bag, I could see the Boy's mouth twitching in an effort not to laugh. This has happened many times to me in shops - some implied comment about being short or the size of my feet or my hands.

After the shoe shop, we went to a jeweller across the road to try on wedding rings. I told the camp jeweller what I was looking for and he went mincing off to bring back some for me to try on. When he came back, he asked to see my engagement ring, and I took it off and handed it to him. He squealed and said 'oh my god look at it, it's tiny!'

Then: 'I wonder if you've broken my record!'

Cue more mouth-twitching from the Boy. I asked what his previous record was but I never found out. As he sized my engagement ring he said, with the air of a zoologist who has come across a new species of beetle: 'Wow, I've never sized smaller than a G on an adult!'

So there you have it, my dimensions appear to be significantly smaller than average. I suppose this is a good thing (it's certainly preferable to being significantly larger than average), but it does make it awkward when it's only 39 days till the wedding and your perfect, meant-to-be wedding ring is going to take 6-8 weeks to be ordered in the freakishly small size you require.

Ah well, worse things happen at sea.

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At 29.7.07, Blogger londongirl said...

Much better to be small than large!!! I have very wide feet and HATE shoe shopping - I try on hundreds of pairs of shoes and only very occasionally find a pair that fits. If they do, I buy them. Often compromising on whether I like them that much!

And I'm sure they'll work wonders on the wedding ring!    

At 30.7.07, Blogger Drama Queen said...

Yep you are tiny, Teeny, but I always thought you perfectly in proportion. . .    

At 30.7.07, Blogger Cat said...

I'm 5ft 6 and have size 4 feet which I think makes me frighteningly out of proportion. My stats really don't add up in the averages, but I don't much care. I'd love to be petite like you!    

At 31.7.07, Blogger Hannah said...

I imagine size 3s don't sell out as quickly as the 6s, though?

CUTE shoes, btw, and definitely worthy of a box.    

At 17.8.07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have in-between feet. I'm half way between a 6 and a 6.5.

So it's always too small or too big.    

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