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People say life is the thing, but I prefer reading*

T minus 15 days

Roo has a cancerous tumour in her leg.

She was looking a bit peaky the day after my hen party - I'd stayed at my mum's house that night and when I got home the following day she was curled up under the desk in our spare room, staring at the wall. She wasn't eating or drinking, and she was holding one of her back paws up off the ground when she walked (which she was avoiding as much as she could). We took her to the vet the next day, and his verdict was that he thought she'd damaged her achilles tendon. There was a swelling on her leg which he said could either be bruising from tendon damage, or 'something more sinister'.

He took a sample and it turns out it was the something more sinister. The vet says her prognosis is quite good, although typically for our cats, it's quite a rare kind of tumour. I forget now what he called it (I was too busy trying not to cry to write it down) but it's basically sending little tendrils of cancer into the surrounding area of her leg. There is some good(ish) news, which is that the tumour isn't the kind that affects the bloodstream and permeates the whole body. Which is something.

She's going in for an operation on Monday. The vet will try and remove the tumour but if it's affecting her achilles tendon or is particularly advanced, he may have to resort to amputating her back leg. The tumour is in an awkward place where there's not much surrounding tissue, and removing enough tissue to get rid of all the nasty stuff will be difficult. It may be that the only way to prevent the cancer from coming back is to amputate her leg. If that's the case, her and Coco are going to look a right pair - one three-legged cat and one gammy-legged cat. But I don't care about that, so long as she comes through it. When I was little I always had a toy hospital on the go for teddy-bears with one ear and no eyes, or dolls with no hair and biro all over their faces. So as long as Roo is ok, I'm totally fine with missing limbs.

I've had a bad feeling about this from the beginning, and I'm totally gutted that I was right. I've been a useless lump all day at work and the Boy and I have to go out tonight, which I couldn't be less enthusiastic about. Hopefully Roo will be on the mend by the time of the wedding and the honeymoon because I don't know if I'll be able to go off to the other side of the globe for two weeks if she's not.

I'm sure plenty of people will read this and think, 'Jeez it's just a cat! Get over it...' but I love my little cats - me, the Boy, Roo and Coco are like a little family (albeit with one half being slightly furrier than the other, and a different species).

I can't imagine Roo not being there, purring like a little machine when I get home from work - happy to see me no matter what. I am keeping all available appendages crossed for her.

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At 24.8.07, Blogger Stacey said...

I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed for little Roo!    

At 24.8.07, Blogger Drama Queen said...

Breaking my blog silence to send you some hugs.

(see you soon)


At 24.8.07, Blogger Loth said...

Oh, that's rotten! I'll keep my fingers crossed for Roo. If it's any consolation, my aunt's dog (I know it's not a cat but it was a quadruped) lost her leg to a train and lived very happily for years with 3 legs. She ran, jumped and bounced about perfectly well. Unless there was a stranger about in which case she launched straight into her "pity me, I'm a poor 3 legged pooch" act and got lots of sympathy and cuddles.    

At 24.8.07, Blogger Cat said...

Poor pussy - hope everything works out okay. Fingers and paws all crossd over here.    

At 29.8.07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope she's OK! Get well soon to her! x    

At 29.8.07, Blogger londongirl said...

Eeek. Scary news indeed. I hope it works out ok - or not too badly.

Fingers crossed.    

At 4.9.07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know this isn't really the post for this slightly random comment, but before I forget, I want to wish you all the best for Friday! Hope the sun shines all day for you and that you have your perfect day!

I will get DQ to send me some photos, so I can see how gorgeous you look!

Peti xx    

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