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People say life is the thing, but I prefer reading*

It's De-Lurking Week! Throw off those raincoats and come out into the open! Although hopefully not with your man-parts showing...

I saw this via Miss Zoot and thought to myself: 'what better way for the writer of a small blog with no real theme or meaning to find out who her regular readers are, than by asking them to leave a comment as part of De-Lurking Week 2007*'. There are the usual suspects of course, Drama Queen, Sarah, Elisabeth, Stacey, and Cat, but on the assumption that more than five people read my blog, I want to know who the rest of you are. Even you over there, picking your nose (I'm not fussy, I'll take anyone).

*which is an American thing but it's also a blogging thing so who cares'

So, if you read NotJustAHatStand, leave me a comment to tell me how talented you think I am, and that you are the head of a large publishing house and want to sign me up for a three book deal. Or... Not. If you're not going to offer me a book deal or a large sum of money, just say hello - that's fine too.

Because look! Look how much fun this lady seems to be having!

She's pretty and all 1950's-like, she has lots of virtual friends, and I bet her husband has a really big schlong.

If you leave a comment, I faithfully promise that I'll visit your site (if I haven't already) and leave you lots of comments too! We can all give each other a lovely virtual hug and maybe make a few new virtual friends in the process.


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At 9.1.07, Blogger Cat said...

If you're the head of a publishing house, swing by my place...    

At 9.1.07, Blogger Teeny said...

Hey you - stop stealing my publishers!    

At 10.1.07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now I wish I had a site too so you could drop by! Delurking to say hello. Not a publisher, sadly, just a fellow Edinburgh resident. I'll be quiet now.....

At 10.1.07, Blogger Drama Queen said...

Well you know me, I'm always here screaming out loudly. . .    

At 10.1.07, Blogger Teeny said...

Hi Lynda! Thanks for commenting, nice to know there are other Edinburgers reading!

And as for you Drama Queen - I know YOU'RE here!    

At 10.1.07, Anonymous audrey said...

I think I've commented here before, so I don't know if it officially counts as De-Lurking, but I'm still gonna say hello!

And while I do work in publishing, the company I work for only publishes theatre-related stuff. So unless you want to write a play...

I am a regular reader and love your blog. Someday when I move up in the world and am in charge of a big publishing company, we'll figure out that book deal, k?    

At 11.1.07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello! I'm here too! Haven't had much time for reading OR blogging recently, but I am still here!

Plus, this give the chance to see if my photo will appear in your comments, as I've done no commenting since I added it to my site (after a gratuitous amount of swearing, banging about, and storming off (from a PC, yes, I know!). x    

At 11.1.07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hooray it worked!    

At 11.1.07, Blogger Teeny said...

Hello again Audrey! You directed me to schnozzfest, which is fab, and now saved in my favourites! And definitely keep me posted on your publishing career...

Petifilou - welcome back. And what a LOVELY photo! Is it new? ;o]    

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*Logan Pearsall Smith

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