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People say life is the thing, but I prefer reading*

And today...

...I am ill.

I have what I sincerely hope is a cold, and not the 'respiratory virus' that seems to have infected everyone south of Inverness. At the moment I just feel like I have one of my many colds, but I hear that that's how the nasty bug starts, so hopefully it doesn't develop any further. I wouldn't be surprised if it does end up being a virus though - we spent most of our night with the neighbours on Friday being coughed upon by the lady next door, who sounded like she might hack up a blackened lung at any moment (which really put me off my sausage roll).

Despite feeling crap when I got up today, I went into work and spent most of the day dreaming of lying under a blanket in front of a roaring fire. At lunchtime I took a break from staring moronically at my computer screen and went out for a bit of fresh air, thinking it would help. Instead I got rained on, and stepped in a big puddle. For the rest of the afternoon I sat at my desk and tried to look busy, whilst sniffling and applying Vaseline to my poor red hooter. I really am quite pathetic when I'm under the weather.*

*Fiance will vouch for this. I guarantee it.

ANYWAY, we booked a holiday last night!

I know, it's exciting isn't it?!

We'll have our honeymoon later in the year (which ISN'T booked yet) but C and I both felt that we couldn't wait till September to have a break. We're going away for a week with both our mums and the dog to a pretty little cottage on Skye. We plan to do some walking, lots of eating and drinking, and generally just chill out away from Edinburgh and any wedding-related stress. I'm really looking forward to it. I wasn't sure I would be - I love both mums to bits of course, but it can sometimes be difficult having two grieving widows to think about - but I genuinely am looking forward to going away with both of them. It helps that both of them seem to be quite positive and cheery now that the festive season is over.

The only slight downside is that I can't take my little cats with me. I'll be enlisting the help of the catsitter, Alison, to take care of them while we're gone. Roo and Coco love her - she jokes that it's because she rolls in catnip before coming round but I'm not so sure she's joking. I think they like Alison more than they like me.

Hopefully I will live to post another day, but for now I have a date with my sofa and a blanket.

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At 11.1.07, Blogger Drama Queen said...

Get better soon you.


At 11.1.07, Blogger Sarah said...

I am also deathly ill today, so I feel your pain. However, I was lame and slept all day instead of going in, so you win in the "less lame" competition!

Feel better soon!    

At 11.1.07, Blogger Cat said...

I've been feeling dubious for a few weeks now, but it's never gone full blown. My work's at about 50% staff capacity at the moment as so many people are laid out. Generally I struggle in when I feel bad, but this year I've had a change of heart on that - if I am sick, I am home with Philip and Fern!

Hope you feel well soon.    

At 11.1.07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello missus - sorry you are not feeling well - hope you get well soon.

That sounds like you have got a lovely holiday booked [just typed 'hospital' there by a mistake - just started watching ER!] and how nice your mums get on so well you can holiday with them together...    

At 11.1.07, Blogger Teeny said...

Thanks everyone - I'm sure I'll be right as rein after an early night.

I hope you all get better soon too.

Begone, January germs!    

At 14.1.07, Blogger Stacey said...

Hope you're feeling better, Teeny. Sounds like all of you Edinburgh ladies have got some version of the same thing. :(

You must be looking forward immensely to your holiday on Skye! It turns out that the farmhouse we were going to reserve doesn't have availability that night. I'll have to find something else, sigh.    

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