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Not Just A Medical Marvel

It seems my cat Coco has been hiding something from me. I've always thought she was a bit daft (her brain can only be about the size of a ping-pong ball judging by the size of her head), but she's proved me wrong, for she has been keeping a stash.

Last night I was watching TV and I saw Coco at the food bowl. Nothing unusual there, but the next minute I heard something rattling along the wooden floor. This normally means she's playing with something she's not supposed to play with (nails, cigarette lighters, earrings etc) so I went over. At first I thought she had been sick, but then I realised I was looking at a pile of fresh cat food, hidden behind the scratching extravaganza (which was a Christmas present for the cats from Fiance's mum).

I had caught Coco in the act of adding to her stash. I don't know how she managed to transport it over there -the only way she could do it is by carrying FOOD in her mouth, and NOT EATING IT. Coco has NEVER, to my knowledge, had anything even vaguely edible in her mouth without eating it. For pete's sake, she eats dust bunnies from the floor if I don't hoover often enough!

So I'm looking at Coco in a whole new light, wondering what else is going on in her wee head. I don't even know if cats are capable of such forward planning as to hide food and keep it for a rainy day, midnight snack or whatever. Maybe she's part squirrel.

I'm also wondering why she's taken to doing this - we feed the cats twice a day and more often than not they also get a DentaBit at some point as well (not to mention the dust bunnies and wood lice she eats off the floor), so it's not like she's underfed. Who knows, but it gave me a laugh last night and if it keeps Coco happy it's fine with me.

I thought this was a good opportunity to make use of the Flickr account I set up about a year ago, so I have made up my very first set, telling the story of my little genius cat and her stash of extra food. Be warned though, it only has three photos in it. It's a short story.

(I'm all better now by the way, still a bit snotty but I don't look or feel quite as hideous as I did yesterday. Which is a good thing, as the boy was starting to recoil from me in horror.)


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At 14.1.07, Blogger Drama Queen said...


At 14.1.07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My hamster used to do that, but they have specially designed cheek pouches don't they? I've never heard of a cat doing it. Annie and Digby (my two) certainly wouldn't have the smarts to do it. Annie does attempt to bury her food bowl sometimes with a half hearted scraping gesture but apparently that's not unusual...

Coco is very cute though and I loved the pictures. I've been looking for an excuse to be a cat picture on my blog for ages but I'll have to wait 'til one of them does something newsworthy!    

At 14.1.07, Blogger Teeny said...

It is very odd, but she's an odd little cat! The other one, Roo, does the scraping thing sometimes too.

You should post a picture of yours Elisabeth, I for one would like to see them!    

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